We're taking to the streets with our 1950's GMC transit buses (the Twin Cities' transit buses, once upon a time!) for Minneapolis and St. Paul city history tours, showcasing local breweries or partnering with fellow museums, depending on the date.
Step back in time with us on this historic ride, learn a little bit more about our great cities, and enjoy some spectacular local craft beer.

(beer not included in ticket price)

*All riders must be 21 or over
"A one of a kind experience!"

"Our tour guide was wonderful, entertaining and knowledgeable. She made Twin Cities history interesting and entertaining. Can't wait for next time."

"We love our local breweries. Riding these amazing vintage buses around town and stopping for tasty local beer on a beautiful summer day is awesome!"
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All participants must be over 21, ID's required. Wear clothing appropriate for the weather, our buses are equipped with an old fashioned climate control system - windows that go all the way down! :P