The Osceola & St Croix Dinner Train

11:00 – The Brunch Train

The St Croix Champagne Brunch

Eggs Benedict platter, served with herbed American Fries, Hollandaise sauce and an orange garnish, includes a breakfast roll & fresh fruit selection

Champagne toast, sparkling juices & coffee course naturally included

*Vegetarian & gluten-free options available. Please call our depot staff by the Friday before your excursion to make a request. 715.755.3570

5:00 – “The Sunsetter”

During your trip, our signature Empire Builder Steak & Champagne Dinner will be served, accompanied by a white wine roasted vegetable medley, and drizzled with a
rich mushroom Bérnaise. Your dinner includes a dinner roll basket and dessert.

Or as alternative selections

Chicken, with al Fredo sauce, or our Vegetarian Platter

Large breast of chicken, set with al Fredo sauce on a bed of rich egg noodles or wild rice,
Vegetable side, dinner roll basket, salad & dessert

Complimentary Champagne and/or dinner wine, coffee course served with dessert

Notes on attire:

The “Sunsetter” service uses a full formal setting and is designed to introduce our passengers to a slice of the Great Days of Railroading.

This semi-formal. Collared sports shirts and clean dress jeans are acceptable.
All clothing should be clean and proper for an occasion of this sort.

(And yes, if you show up in clothing of the 1940’s, we’d love it.)