Q: What sorts of groups are able to rent the Jackson Street Roundhouse?
A: Just about any group! We have rented our facilities to wedding parties, hobby clubs,
businesses holding meetings, groups holding memorial services, and various other social

Q: What is the cost to rent the Jackson Street Roundhouse?
A: The price of rental is $125/hour.

Q: Is catering available?
A: Although the Minnesota Transportation Museum does not work with any specific caterer,
your group is more than welcome to work with any caterer you choose. We have no catering

Q: May we serve alcohol at our event?
A: You may serve alcohol if served by a licensed beverage server.

Q: Can we rent a bus for our event?
A: Yes, classic bus rentals are available. Cost for renting a classic bus is $425 for 3 hours, and
$60 per hour after that. The capacity per bus is 48 people. For more information regarding
classic bus rental, please visit the rental info section of our website and scroll to the
bottom for more information.

Other questions? Please feel free to contact us via e-mail at office@trainride.org or by phone at
(651) 228-0263